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Aerial Imaging and Photogrammetry

GIS Mapping Services

Not everyone has the means and the time to extract the spatial data they need and put it into a format suitable for their project. GIS services are designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present spatial or geographical data. Geographical data include anything that can be located spatially and temporally.






We have experience with mapping software, data conversion such as shape file production, spatial modeling, cartography and production mapping design to GIS, Mapping & Remote Sensing Projects. With our help, clients can visualize and analyze areas of interest that can impact a project from the perspective of multiple stakeholders in advance, saving time and money.




We use free and paid for data from private organizations, government ministries and open sources and operate under the conviction that free geodata created by projects like OpenStreetMap will become increasingly attractive for commercial uses. We do not work with free data exclusively, but we prefer to. "Free" does not primarily mean available free of charge, but rather free of restrictive licensing terms.


Many sectors and disciplines can benefit from GIS implementation including science, government, business, and industry, with applications in real estate, public health, crime mapping, sustainable development, natural resources, climatology, landscape architecture, archaeology, regional and community planning, transportation and logistics.

Specifically, GIS is useful for:

-Parks and Recreation departments and their functions in asset inventory, land conservation, land management, and cemetery management.


-Public Works and Utilities, tracking water and stormwater drainage, electrical assets, engineering projects, and public transportation assets and trends.

-School analytical and demographic data, asset management, and improvement/expansion planning


-Public Administration for election data, property records, and zoning/management.

-Public Safety operations such as Emergency Operations Centers, Fire Prevention, Police and Sheriff mobile technology and dispatch, and mapping weather risks.

GIS Mapping Services

Aerial Imaging and Photogrammetry

We provide aerial surveying, inspections, and image acquisition services. Using Agisoft Photoscan we can produce custom orthomosaics, 3d point clouds/interactive models, Digital Elevation Models and oblique imagery.

- Real Estate and Terrestrial Photography/Videography: We provide real estate photography services to real estate agents and real estate owners. Our real estate photography services are offered in customizable packages according to our client’s preferences. Our services include taking aerial pictures and videos of to be listed or currently listed real estate. We provide our clients with a complementary Internet web page featuring comprehensive visual tours as well as 360 degrees views of property, in addition to the real estate specifications. We implement HDR method to produce high definition pictures from real estates and landscapes. We also use Unmanned Aerial Systems/Vehicles (UAS/UAV also called flying robots) to capture aerial photographs and videos.

-Agriculture: One main line of our services is precision agriculture. We use our Unmanned Aerial Systems to capture aerial still images and videos. Images can be taken in visual spectrum or other spectra of light. We use NIR imaging techniques to monitor crop fields. These images are converted in to NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) and analyzed by special software to determine the status of the crop. We provide farmers and farm management staff with timely information such as pest infestation, plant diseases, vegetation stress levels and soil moisture. This is a very fast and cost effective remote sensing data collection which can be used as a farm or natural resources management tool. The aerial video streams from our UAV systems can be used for herd management and ranch surveillance.

-UAVs can be used for industrial inspection. Our industrial inspection service utilizes UAV systems to visually inspect structures such as bridges, power lines or pipelines. These systems can fly over or hover near structures and send high resolution images or videos to operators. These images and videos can be used to inspect and discover defects and faults such as oil leaks or cracks on the transmission towers or their suspension insulators. UAVs can also use special imaging systems to find thermal leaks or small cracks on buildings or other structures. We also provide agricultural UAV services to the farm management personnel. Data gathered by UAVs in various stages of agricultural operations from land preparing to harvest is analyzed and presented to the farm managers. These data analysis can show pest manifestation in its early stage. It can also provide timely information about crop growth stage, irrigation system condition and aridity, and also crop diseases and nutritional deficiencies.

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