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MARK ASPLAND-Owner and Director of Productions

Mark Aspland

Cinematographer and videographer based in Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada with 15 years of professional industry experience. Mark specializes in videography, video editing, directing and works closely with the Iqaluit community to help establish, support and develop education and health initiatives. Educated in Television and New Media Production and Adventure Tourism Business Operations, Mark has directed these interests into an approach that works well in challenging environments that has brought him to Africa, the Caribbean and since 2013, Nunavut. It is in the North that Mark has really established and grown his approach to the industry. In this time Mark has worked with many Northern and international organizations including government agencies, documentary film producers, private media enterprises, educational institutions, small business as well as founding a mental health charity initiative. Mark has extensive experience in documenting oral narratives from ethnographic accounts of myth, practical knowledge and music to modern accounts of social issues such as the deterioration of mental and physical wellbeing. 

The AKSUT Media team ensures strong production and financial management for its projects, offers a multiple camera shoot production team and full translation services. 

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