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I have known Mark since October 2013 when we worked together in Cambridge Bay on a series of videos for a suicide prevention initiative. It was Mark's second month in the Territory and I was asked to assist with the production and to help Mark's orientation in working in Nunavut. 

I was immediately impressed with Mark's combination of professional conduct and empathy for the participants speaking on such a sensitive and difficult topic. 

Over the past four years, Mark has worked hard to develop a positive reputation in the community, and is especially respected for his work in the fields of physical and mental wellness, environmental, education and cultural advocacy. Mark has also designed and launched his owned funding initiatives, including Nunavut Images (a charity for which he raised over $8000 for mental health initiatives) and the Sea Can Climbing Cave (which he self-funded, built, and is in the process of donating to the community in Iqaluit) to promote youth physical health.

Recently, Mark has turned his attention to improving multimedia education in Nunavut, and encouraging youth participation in the multimedia sector. This has resulted in several self-funded and developed workshops that are set to increase in 2018. His initiative, while benefitting the community, will also assist in economic growth of the multimedia industry in Nunavut. It also seeks to provide new employment opportunities and economic development to a new generation of Nunavummiut interested in forging a new career in Nunavut's media industry. 

I am wholeheartedly supportive of Mark's work as they are consistent with Nunavut Film's mandate of offering employment opportunities and growing Nunavut's media industry.


Huw Elug

CEO, Nunavut Film Development Corporation

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Mark has always been a huge supporter of what we do, by taking photographs and making films, and turning them into works of art. As a non-for-profit we really appreciate the work he has done. It has truly helped us reach out to the community and given us the opportunity to broaden our horizons.


I would highly recommend Mark Aspland for any future endeavors he may pursue.


Wade Thorhaug,


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Mark Aspland has lived in Iqaluit for several years and is highly respected for his stunning photographs and videos and for his incredible generosity.


We were thrilled to have Mark join our team starting with the 2016 Festival.  His beautiful photos are displayed proudly on our website and Facebook page, and he has recently provided some great video clips of our live performances.


I would highly recommend Mark to anyone wanting the very best in professional photography and videography.

Heather Daley, 

Executive Director

Mark worked with Inhabit Media Company as a photographer and videographer on several occasions. Mark contributed photographs for many of our children's books, acted as our specialized videographer for green screen work and contributed footage for some of our hunter education videos.

In addition to the excellent quality of Marks' work, Inhabit Media benefitted from his professional conduct. Mark communicated with our team clearly, was organized and prompt in delivery of his product and overall was a reliable and capable colleague. His flexibility and ability to work with us and, when necessary, independently insured that we could count on him to tackle any projects we had in mind.

Mark, with his newly founded AKSUT Media, would be a tremendous asset for any media collaboration dedicated to the North. His continued commitment to grassroots initiatives that give back to the community he calls home demonstrate this dedication. As such, Mark has my highest recommendation. 

Neil Christopher,

Managing Partner

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I would like to highly recommend the videography and production services of Mark Aspland. Working with Mark is a pleasure. He’s a consummate professional who shows true dedication and commitment to the projects he works on, making sure to go the extra mile to guarantee his clients are happy and their needs are met. In addition, Mark is also a stalwart supporter of the community in Iqaluit, offering his services to community groups and organizations, and making a distinct difference through his donations of time and money to community projects.


Mark skillfully captured the essence of the project, showcasing the joyful atmosphere of the establishment and the impact it makes in the lives of our clients. His video helped us to spread the message about the Inclusion Café, bringing us new volunteers interested in taking part in the project after watching the video, and piquing the attention of media outlets such as Accessible Media, who later came to film a news segment on the Inclusion Café.

During the filming, Mark went above and beyond my expectations, coming out to film footage on evenings and weekends and helping to coordinate voiceover talent and translation services. We premiered the PSAs at an event at the Astro Theatre in Iqaluit in September to overwhelmingly positive feedback from those in attendance.


We have since contracted him to help with another series of PSAs, which will be produced over the coming months.

Alex Rowlson,
Project Manager

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We had the pleasure of working with Mark on our production of True North Calling, a doc-series to be broadcast on CBC on early 2017. 

Mark's work and contribution to our production was invaluable. He worked with us as a local Production Fixer during three different shooting blocks in Iqaluit, NU. Not only was Mark able to assist us from a production and location scouting standpoint but his experience and great eye with camera and drone work he was was also able to provide some additional filming for us when required and requested.

Mark's knowledge of the local people and the area along with his dedication and hard work ethic helped to make our production run smoothly each day. He is a great team player and an absolute pleasure to work with. Mark's experience in production, camera, audio and more is definitely a benefit to any production. 


We look forward to working with Mark again in the future. Thanks again for all you did for us Mark! 

Deb Marron

Line Producer

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"Mark Aspland is extremely professional, fiercely creative, and adapts easily to all working conditions and environments. He makes the subjects of his work feel relaxed, while maintaining high professional standards that creates fantastic results. He is open to changing paths in the middle of a project, depending on the contexts and situations that arise at the time. 


He is fluid in his working-style that makes him open to fresh ways of looking at his subjects or worlds through his lens. This makes him endearing to all who work with him, and whom you will easily be able to trust in any project. 


He is timely, reliable, and is always focused on the best possible result for the final product. It was a pleasure working with Mark, and I would highly recommend working with him in any context."

Tessa Lochhead


Pirurvik Preschool

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"May this letter serve as a letter of support for Mark Aspland and his photography and videography. Nunavut Arctic College Media has worked with Mark on many initiatives. We have benefitted from Mark’s outstanding talent, work ethic, creativity, professionalism, and keen ability to collaborate with a diverse range of people in diverse environments.

Most notably, Mark was the videographer for our Hunter Education films, Hunting Seal in the Summer and Hunting Caribou in the Fall. These were both physically demanding jobs that were filmed on the land. Mark was fully prepared for the rigors of these projects – he managed his gear with no problems, and he was physically up to the long days in rough terrain. Mark was not only able to achieve the shotlist, but went above and beyond to capture stunning shots which resulted in a final product of the highest quality. The hunters, elders, and community members involved in these projects had the utmost respect for Mark. The results are highly compelling interviews which show the subjects at their very best and with clear voices.

Nunavut Arctic College Media highly recommends Mark for any photography and videography work. Mark is highly adept at both interior and exterior work, along with interviews and landscapes.

If you have any questions about our experience working with Mark, please don’t hesitate to contact me. "

Sean Guistini, PhD


Manager of Resources Dept.

Nunavut Arctic College Media

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It is with great pleasure that I am writing this letter of support for Mark Aspland and Aksut Media. I had the privilege of working with Mark on the Our Changing Land, Our Changing People: Building Nunavut’s Climate Resilience workshop that was hosted in January/February 2017 by the Climate Change Secretariat of the Government of Nunavut and Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. This 3-day event included approx. 60 people from across Nunavut and was facilitated primarily in Inuktitut. Aksut Media filmed and photographed the entire event and Mark worked with us for months prior to the event. He was available for countless meetings and always replied very quickly to emails and inquiries as we planned the workshop. Our timeframe for planning and hosting this event was incredibly tight, but Mark’s professionalism and flexibility meant that all of our needs were met and made for a very enjoyable working relationship. When we had ideas, such as a video booth or photo/video reels for the mornings, Mark worked to make it happen. He also brought creative ideas to the table and pointed out important considerations to enhance the photography and videography. During the event, he dedicated early mornings and late evenings to make sure that everything was set up at the beginning of the day and tied up at the end of the day. He worked with the interpreters and the facilitators to capture every moment in both Inuktitut and English. The videos and photos that Aksut Media produced from this event far exceeded our expectations and were available immediately. Furthermore, in taking video and photos throughout the event, Mark and the Aksut Media team worked in a way that never disrupted the discussions or presentations and always put everyone at ease. Everyone who worked to host this event was extremely impressed with the high quality of service and product that Aksut Media provided. I would highly recommend Aksut Media and I hope to work with Mark and his team again.



Joanna MacDonald

Climate Change Adaptation Specialist

Climate Change Secretariat

Government of Nunavut

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We at Embrace Life Council have been working with Mark for the past year and a half on primarily one project, a Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Training Resource. Mark has been our videographer for the 90 minute film we are creating, a very significant part of the resource. 


Mark has been incredible through this process. He has gone out of his way to make himself available on short notice, travelling to and staying in multiple Nunavut companies. He has provided valuable advice regarding production, ensuring we achieve our curricular goals. He has compassionately and professionally focused on the comfort of individuals being filmed, some of whom are child sexual abuse survivors speaking about their trauma. Most importantly, he has created an impressive, high quality film. Mark’s attention to detail—sound, lighting, narration, editing—is incredible. He seeks perfection and achieves it without delaying the process of the project. 


We hope to secure Mark as videographer on our upcoming initiatives. I have worked with other videographers in the past, but Mark is by far the best. He is responsible, knowledgeable, reliable, focused, and professional. He is culturally competent, respectful, and trauma informed. I would recommend him for any Nunavut film project. 


If you require further information, please do not hesitate to context me. 


Yours truly,


Kimberly Masson

Executive Director

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